The Lt. Col. Gonzales SSP Council Delegation Briefings Part 2

Super Federation Conference, Blue Avian Meeting and SSP Alliance Council Events.

Corey Goode    13 Jul 2015
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The world we live in is far more remarkable than most people could ever have imagined. Our military-industrial complex has secretly colonized our solar system – and beyond.

The technology that already exists, today, built by defense contractors who hold corporate facilities here on earth, satisfies every wish you’ve ever had for a high-tech future – from any sci-fi movie you could possibly think of.

I know this is true because I worked in this world. I lived in this world. I walked away from it in 1989, except for a few stray assignments – but that all changed when I decided to come forward as a whistleblower in 2014.

An alliance has formed within what we call the Secret Space Program, or SSP. The goal of the Alliance is to defeat the “Babylonian Money Magic System” and end financial tyranny on earth.

The Alliance wants to restore order and justice and civility to our world – and release the planet-healing, life-extending, hyper-futuristic technology they possess to everyone.

All the bases and colonies they have constructed will be made available to us if this plan is a success. And traveling to them will be just one portal hop or shuttle ride away.

My main contact in this world has been Lt. Col. Gonzales. The experiences he and I have been having seem very “far out” to most people, and have led to inevitable skepticism.

If you are new to this story, it may all seem quite impossible to believe. I understand that. My job is simply to tell you the truth of my ongoing experiences.

This article is a follow-up to Part 1, where we discussed some of the information that Lt. Col. Gonzales had briefed me on in two separate meetings he had not far from where I live.

We discussed Gonzales’ dramatic meeting with the Draco White Royal, and his interaction with four of the chairmen of the Committee of 200 when he stood in as the main delegate for the Sphere Beings that are helping us out.

We are going to rejoin those two conversations and pick up where we left off to discuss the other meetings that Gonzales attended in my absence.

This all took place while I was off shooting the Gaiam TV show “Cosmic Disclosure” with David Wilcock. If you have not completed Part 1 of this article, I would recommend doing so before reading Part 2.

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It definitely appears that writing these articles and doing this new show has also increased the amount of “negative greetings” (as DW calls them, based on terminology from the Law of One series) I have received recently.

I am not a huge believer in coincidence. The number of negative things that have occurred to my family and myself since I was briefed by Gonzales, started writing updates and working on these articles is incredible.

These negative incidents have been so in-your-face and clearly intentional that it is more than obvious that this is a Yin and Yang sort of energy battle for balance occurring.

The latest event of this type was yesterday morning. I woke up and had been bitten by a spider that left a large bite on my hip, at the belt line. I had to have it treated, as it was swollen up like a balloon.

I was getting muscle aches, headaches and stomach issues. All I felt like doing was laying around. I managed to get out for a little while to find a peaceful place to work on finishing up this article and beginning the next one.

I also discovered that some people I considered friends had contacted bloggers who are known to attack me. They provided untrue and negatively-toned information about David Wilcock and myself.

They were upset that they couldn’t get ahold of me through any of my older contact methods for almost 2 months. However, they never even tried to contact me through my webpage. When asked about it, they just rationalized their behavior and were unapologetic.

It has been upsetting to see how quickly people you think are your friends and claim to be on the path of Service to Others and spiritual enlightenment in this field can turn against you -- in such emotionally triggered, reactionary or egotistical ways.

The balance appeared within 5 days, when four of the people who have made a mission out of attacking me in online posts and email campaigns to researchers got in contact with me -- and apologized.

I apologized for anything I may have done to upset them, given how distracting and bizarre all of this has been for me. I told each of them I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t forgive them.

In turn, a couple of them sent me quite a lot of information that lined up with information and transcripts I had received directly from other sources. At the time I wasn’t entirely sure if it was all true – but that doubt has now been removed.

Two of people have now sent me quite a number of Skype logs and email conversations among a small but dedicated “cell” of bloggers, forum moderators, former friends and once well-known researchers who have been conspiring to bring down David Wilcock and myself.

Gonzales had told me that this was going on, but the scope of it, and the amount of spite, unethical behavior and outright hatred in how they spoke about us and conspired with each other, has been truly shocking.

One of the people in question is talented at audio remixing. He has produced edited and fake skype conversations to make David and myself appear to have a said or written certain things to each other and to the person doing the cutting and splicing.

David and I both keep local copies of all his Skype calls and text.log files for our own protection, in case of events just like this. It will be very interesting to identify exactly how this was done, and which questions were deliberately planted to generate useful audio clips in response.

Having this handful of people contact me and make amends has been a nice balance to the Yin and Yang of the negativity that has been going on (not so secretly) in the background.

Forgiving and loving those who you have wronged, or who have wronged you, can be very liberating for both parties. One of the people said that since we have reached this point of forgiveness, they have slept better than they have in some time. It had the same stress-relieving and spiritual effect on me as well.

Because of the nasty spider bite, I ended up going to bed at 5pm Central time and slept until 3:30 this morning. I decided to use the peace and quiet to make the final edits to this article and get it posted.

I am also looking forward to listening to Dr. Michael Salla’s interview on Coast to Coast last night (7/12) with George Noory. Next week I am going to be a recording a couple of episodes as a guest on George Noory’s Gaiam TV show, “Beyond Belief”.

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Back at the table with Gonzales

As we sat at the table and started up the discussion, much of the briefing included quite mundane information as well as some deeper information. This included what was going on with the various loosely affiliated factions of the Earth Alliance.

I was made aware of recent Cabal false-flag attempts that thankfully did not succeed – though others obviously have. We also discussed mass intelligence gathering that has been both acquired by Earth Alliance groups as well as SSP Alliance Council efforts.

This was accomplished by hitting secure western databases – and the results were very visible in the news headlines.

I also found out that some rogue members of BRICS have been infiltrated by the Secret Earth Government syndicates, known to most as the Cabal.

Gonzales and I also discussed his recent stand-in delegate role at the “Human Like” ET Super Federation conference. The Super Federation is a larger group made up of a United Nations-type organization of other “Human-Like” ET Federations, Confederations and Councils.

These are not the Draco Federation Alliance groups, and the other beings associated with them that have been referred to the Orion Group by many. This Orion Group is made up of quite a bit more than just the Draco Alliance.

I did learn that there is a small council made up of some of the Ancient Human Breakaway groups that I was previously unaware of.

It turns out that Gonzales has been meeting exclusively with this group as a delegate for the SSP Alliance Council. Gonzales stated that I may be either accompanying or handling some of these meetings myself in the future.

I do find it important to remind people that many of these are Earth human terms to describe these groups, and not what they refer to themselves as.

I will give what details I can of the two briefings we had, in order. At our second meeting, Gonzales was more interested in mending fences and doing some IE readings to feel me out after the recent meeting I had with the SSP Alliance Council.

This was the meeting that went very badly, and resulted in a major falling out between myself and some of the individuals present. We have discussed that thoroughly on more than one occasion since it first happened.

Once that topic was covered, I asked some questions about the previous briefing that he had given me. I was looking for more details since he was in a laid back and talkative mood.

Gonzales did not disappoint in this regard, because he went straight into talking about the Draco White Royal and Chairmen of the Committee of 200 meeting that I reported on in Part 1.

After we were finished taking about this subject, we sort of backed away from topics to relax a little more. It was very unpleasant for Gonzales to recount the meeting with the White Royal, and it was difficult for me to listen to and relive my own experience.

Gonzales asked me if I minded if he ordered a beer. I’d never seen him do that, as he was usually all business -- either drinking coffee or iced water when we have met. I did not object, and indeed thought it may relax him more for the rest of the discussion.

We had some small talk while we both finished a beer. Then he asked me if I have been watching the latest propaganda on television. I knew he was referring to the MSM news. I told him I try my best not to watch it.

This is when he mentioned what was going on with a few EU countries financially, and the recent round of high-level government hacks that have occurred – not just to US databases, but to the entire Western World.

Gonzales stated that these hacks were incredibly pervasive -- and that they had also hacked the Secret Earth Government and syndicates’ “Dark-Net”.

Gonzales said that very little of what was taken has been reported in the MSM. Nonetheless, a stunning amount of intelligence was obtained and compiled into the database we had so far that has been contributed to by several parties.

The information that was accessed, however, is well known by the upper caste of what most people know as the Cabal groups. They are heavily panicking about these breaches of sensitive data.

There have also been recent defections of Cabal members who have brought evidence and the promise to testify to the SSP and elements of the Earth Alliances. These defections and the recent hacks are behind the pickup in activity of “Elites” moving their families to their safe zones.

There were also some recent hacks to obtain further information from one of the major letters from the BRICS Alliance. Unfortunately, this particular country has been heavily infiltrated by the Cabal.

The Cabal has infiltrated just about everything you can think of. The ufology field has been completely infiltrated consistently since the 1950’s. Internet forums, blogs and some alt media have the same problems.

There were some incidents that ended in some major attacks and loss of life inside the SSP Alliance Council because of certain infiltrators. This also caused some splintering and mistrust among some of the SSP Alliance Council for a time.

This same infiltration has occurred within elements of the Earth Alliance. There is a push right now by the other members of the BRICS Alliance to isolate these infiltrated areas within one of their allies.

Their goal is to prevent a typical Cabal divide-and-conquer operation, where the Cabal could use this new infrastructure to form a NWO 2.0. Russia and some of their allies, some of whom would surprise you, are well into a plan to try to prevent these problems from growing.

If what he said is accurate, it sounds like Germany, Spain, France and of course Greece want out of the EU and the Western financial system. This would cause a domino effect felt around the world.

I am not sure that these countries are ready to jump over to BRICS myself. Things are bad in the West, but BRICS still has some issues to work out.

There was some moderate discussion of false flag attacks that were prevented. There was also discussion of the Cabal building out a more robust infrastructure for its AI System.

This AI system is controlled by the ET/ED AI Signal that we have discussed in detail in other interviews and articles. We discussed the timing and plan of taking out this AI system, and how it would work.

It seems the AI’s “probable future technology” has seen some of this. It is attempting to prepare for such a coordinated operation that would have to be undertaken to entirely remove the AI from the Sol System.

The Cabal has been using this ET/ED AI probable future system for decades. They believe it to be foolproof -- and nearly 100% accurate. They have used it many times to stave off certain defeat, and it has proven to be highly accurate in its calculations.

Interestingly, the AI did not predict the arrival or actions of the Sphere Alliance – nor the break away and defections of those joining the SSP Alliance. Therefore it is not a perfect system.

Because of the new energies in the Sol System and the awakening of an increasing number of humanity to our co-creative abilities in this reality using our mass consciousness, we are making this AI and its “Prophets” very nervous.

This AI component and the fragmentation of the Cabal Groups after the last couple of meetings is believed to be behind the threatening and theatrical meeting with the Draco White Royal, and the warnings given by the Committee of 200 Chairmen.

The Chairmen also mentioned their ability to see into the future with their AI technology at that same meeting.

Gonzales then moved to a topic that made his eyes light up -- and his facial expressions looked like an excited little boy. He said “It is something to finally understand what all is going on at one of those Super Federation conferences, isn’t it?”

In the prior conferences I had been the representing delegate, and he stood behind me to my left in an advisory position. The three IE support personnel sat in front and to the side of me in lower seats within our horseshoe-shaped designated position on the council floor.

Before I was drafted into the SSP and was still training in the MILAB programs, I had served in the IE Support role. I remembered sitting there being bored, and not knowing what was going on or being said in the common language that was spoken on the floor of the council auditorium.

We were given the smart-glass pads that gave us access to the ET database that the IEs used to keep our minds occupied while we were keeping a feeling out for any types of deception or danger.

When I first appeared at this Super Federation council as a delegate and sat in the delegate chair, I was amazed to suddenly be able to understand the strange monotone common ET language that was being spoken.

Everything that was said sounded like English in my mind. It was also the first time that I wasn’t completely ignored by the other ET delegates, and was interfaced with in order to communicate.

The SSP Alliance Council was extremely unhappy that none of those present except myself understood what was going on -- and that they had to rely on me to give them an accurate briefing of what was communicated.

From the very beginning, they had wanted Lt. Col. Gonzales to be the main delegate -- and had not made it a secret. They had also made it clear that I didn’t work for them, and no material support would be provided.

Not being able to understand what was going on in these meetings for their own people to gather intelligence was yet another point of contention.

My relationship with several of the SSP Council Members has gone further downhill after a recent meeting regarding incidents that occurred with my family, which I will cover to some degree in my next report.

Gonzales stated that he had met with Raw-Tear-Eir before this conference, and again after the report to the SSP Alliance Council that occurred after the conference.

Tear-Eir had communicated to him what he was going to be conveying at the conference, as well as some information to do with the Draco White Royals and some other ET groups that have been trapped inside the outer barrier since the beginning of the year.

Gonzales stated that he was feeling pretty excited about attending this council meeting and sitting in the chair for the first time.

He went on to tell me about the arrival at the Federation Council Meeting Facility. This is a station that is in a secure temporal bubble out around the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn.

When you enter into the temporal bubble, you can see the station and docking ports for all of the other delegates floating freely in the middle of a completely pitch-black bubble. You cannot see the sun, planets or stars from inside this space/time anomaly.

Gonzales and the crew docked, went through a security scan for AI and other outside technologies, and were allowed in.

Gonzales said he was immediately treated like he mattered this time, as opposed to last time when the other delegates and support staff only interfaced with me -- and ignored the IEs and him.

He said it was all very polite, with respectful communications and treatment from everyone the entire walk down the passage from the space docks to the meeting hall.

Gonzales and the IEs could feel a different energy in the air that was more one of anticipation, instead of the mixture of anxiety and agitation from the previous times.

Gonzales said that he walked briskly to get to the Sphere Alliances Delegation seating area. On this trip he had one of the high-ranking SSP Alliance Council members with him, who stood in the advisory role position.

This is one of the people who I have since gotten in a major argument with. Gonzales had left the detail of them being present out of the first briefing.

The IE Support team took their seats. They were handed smart-glass pads by an attendant, and Gonzales sat in the Delegate chair.

Gonzales said he half-expected some sort of tingling sensation or feeling to let him know he had interfaced neurologically with the chair, but he felt nothing.

Soon after the rest of the delegates had arrived and were seated, one of the delegates made their way to the platform area, which was behind a long narrow table that jetted a long way out toward the room.

Every so often, holograms have projected above the middle of this table, but this was not a normal occurrence.

As usual, there was another type of being with a smaller stature who acted as attendants. They also do a sort of strange sign language that reminds me of the Native American sign I witnessed when I was younger.

The first delegate that stood up was one we were familiar with. He was a very tall pumpkin-orange-skinned being with blue eyes, no hair, and a cranial ridge running back towards the crown of the head from ear to ear.

He was wearing an off-white robe, much like you would see a monk wearing. He said he was then introduced by this being, and it was time for him to walk to the front and take its position on the small stage.

When I had been in this same situation and was walking to this small stage, I remembered wondering how I was going to communicate. Then, when I was situated I just started speaking English for my short presentation.

After that, I went back to sit at the chair that was automatically translating the strange ET language for the first time. It wasn’t until after the meeting that I was asked by my team what I was saying while I was up front.

I was a little confused and told them “You were there!” They told me “Corey, you were speaking that strange language”. I was certain that I was speaking English.

Gonzales said that he could see the Earth Delegation from where he was standing, and they had serious looks on their faces with their arms crossed.

He assumed they were once again Committee of 200 members, or a similar allied group, by the way they were dressed and carrying themselves.

It is very unusual for one group to be on the Earth Delegation rotation more than once at this particular meeting. If this was indeed them, this would now be their fourth or fifth rotation.

There had been dozens of petitions by ETs who wanted to retrieve their teams who were on expedition missions to Earth to study the planet’s oceans, jungles and other aspects of nature.

These ETs were completely uninterested in interacting or meddling in the affairs of humanity, or with interacting with other ET Groups who were present in our Sol System. They were positive groups who were only interested in the planet’s biosphere.

Since being trapped on Earth, many of these smaller expeditionary teams had been running out of needed supplies and had begun to be hunted down by human and negative ET Groups.

Gonzales stood before the Super Federation Council, which normally had 40 to 60 groups in attendance. Now it had well over 100 groups all massed together in the auditorium.

He announced that the Earth’s barrier was going to be relaxed, and that these groups would be allowed to return back to their support teams who were here in the Sol System, trapped inside the outer barrier.

The Earth’s traffic would go back to a strict grid authorization system – an air traffic control-type system -- and would be enforced by the more advanced SSP Alliance vessels.

Gonzales stated that you could feel the relief in the room as he finished his short message and presentation. He returned to his seat.

Once again, as in the previous meetings, group after group took turns taking the stage to make short statements of what they had contributed to the Earth, humanity and the Grand Experiment.

He said it took some time for each of them to toot their own horns and put a positive spin on their activities in our Sol System before the meeting was adjourned.

Gonzales stated that several groups showed appreciation on his way out of the auditorium and down the passageway back to the space docks, where their vessel was located.

They then returned to one of the SSP Alliance Council’s bases of operation for debriefing.

The SSP Alliance informed him upon arrival that there had already been quite a few vessels leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, and heading to larger cloaked vessels close by.

Most of the visitors to the Sol System that want out are positioned in the outer Sol System, hoping for the barrier to drop and working to figure out a way to get past it.

The SSP Alliance Council was very happy with Gonzales’ performance. This only reinforced their position that he should be the main delegate.

This, of course, was thrown in my face yet again in the argument that broke out in a later meeting with the SSP Alliance Council.

This later meeting concerned the intrusion of my home and the abduction of family members by a very tall six-fingered Nordic group that was very hostile.

I will go into as much detail as I can in the next article about those incidents, the follow-up SSP Alliance Council meeting, and my meeting with the Blue Avians right after.

I want to emphasize that we are safe and I have been assured that no further incidents like this will be allowed to take place, providing that certain protocols are followed.

I do expect to see quite a lot of interesting UFO reports for a while with the sudden coming and going of vessels from our atmosphere.

There are also going to be some small battles going on between some vessels and groups down here, on and below Earth.

We will also see some odd behavior in human beings because of the huge increase in the background energy that is flowing into the Sol System. This energy has a direct effect on consciousness – including a polarizing factor where “the good are getting better and the bad are getting worse.”

The Spheres have been giving us more time to adjust to the increasing energetic waves that have been flowing into our Sol System and causing electrical changes in all of the planets and the Sun.

These spheres are slowly reducing how much of this energy they are buffering. At some point in the future, the spheres will disappear completely. Some people will be acclimated to these energies and others will not.

Many people are not comfortable with how much of the outcome of our future reality is up to each of us personally and as a group consciousness.

Others would prefer that some of these advanced entities come and make the changes for us -- or save humanity.

We are being given the opportunity to awaken and fix our own problems with the powerful tools that we have deliberately been kept ignorant of.

The power of our mass consciousness, and the positive trigger of the loving and forgiving spectrum of emotions, are ours to claim -- and they will forge a new reality.

These are the very tools that the negative forces have manipulated and used against us for countless years. It is the foundation of how their black magic works.

Gonzales had a brief meeting with the Blue Avians and seemed to keep those details to himself. He has his own relationship with them and there are times when the Blue Avians address very personal things about your life that reach you deeply. There have been plenty of times I have kept what was communicated to myself.

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I honor you for your contributions and truly wish I had time to thank each one of you personally for all you have done for me and for this work. You are loved and appreciated more than you could ever know.

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Keep an eye out for my next article. It will be about my home invasion and follow up meetings up the chain of command so to speak and how they unfolded.

Thank you,


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