Mechanics of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy


Corey Goode    14 Dec 2014
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With the Title of this Thread being what it is I decided that we should first begin with some of the suppressed science. Some of the "Portal's" are quite natural and have been exploited as a means of travel by many types of beings (Including ancient break away earth civilizations) for millions if not billions of years.

Just as in the Middle Ages when Kings and Religious Leaders kept their "Commoners" illiterate, unable to Read, Write or know simple Geometry (Let alone Sacred Geometry)... 

The current era "Elites" have seen fit to prevent "Us Commoners" from knowing the "Unified Mathematics, Quantum Mass Consciousness and Scalar Torsion Field Physics Models" that have allowed them to "Become as gods among men". 

If Math were truly the "Universal Language" then we have been denied the basic "Universal Translation Manual". Everything from the Micro to the Macro is Vibration and Frequency (Including Matter, Energy and Thought) and these various groups have decided that only they have the right to eat from this tree of knowledge. This reference is no accident you will find as you read further. 

I thought I would first start with some basic descriptions of "Portal's" or the "Cosmic Web" and we will work from there and dig deeper and discuss the topic that is the title of this Thread: "Alien Federations", "AI's", "Secret Space Programs", "Break Away Secret Governments" & "MILAB" Exploitation

"TRAVELLING THE COSMIC WEB" is actually how the Network of "Natural Stargate Portals" works... Those who have the address/code systems and technologies to travel them have been doing so for a very long "Time". Some have been ancient "Break Away Civilizations from our own Planet"... WE are just now being slowly introduced to some of these concepts, but it is up to us to put the pieces together... IMHO.







Some of the largest "mysteries" of our physics can be solved with an "In Depth" understanding of this view of the "Universe" and "Multi-Dimensional Physics" and "Other Densities". Parts of the Universe appear to be travelling in different directions with one discovery in 1995 by Hubble of "Galaxies travelling away from Earth Faster than the speed of light"? Torsion of Space/Time and its effect on "Densities" are things that have recently been worked into Our Understanding of the Math of the Universe... Which is still quite limited compared to what is in Black Programs let alone truly Advanced Civilizations. IMHO.

An implicit definition of the torus is: 

Torsion Field Universe

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Short Summary of Portal Travel through the “Cosmic Web” via Torsion Fields and Scalar Energy. 

As far as how the Natural Electromagnetic Portal's or Relational Star Gates they work though what has been referred to recently as the “Cosmic Web”.
Anything with enough mass inside a "Solar System" to establish a "Magnetic link between it and its Star" will have a variable energetic strength magnetic portal connection to that "Star". The object being a either a Rocky Inner Planet with or without a Moon, a Gas Giant with or without Moons will all produce a Torsion Field which produces the "Filament of the magnet portal/tunnel".

In turn the Stars in a “Local Star Cluster” will have a similar affect on each other with their Torsion Fields creating the “Filament Magnetic Portal Tunnel's” between according to Mass Dominance. 

The filaments at times can arc around or collapse into each other based on the Mass and Position of the Stars in relation to each other and to larger Magnetic Mass Anomalies such as Galactic Arms, Black Holes or their alignment with their Galactic Centre.

This relationship of Massive Objects and “Filament Magnetic Portal Tunnel's” repeats itself going up the Macro levels (From the most extreme quantum micro) including the Galactic Torsion Field Affects on each other in Galactic Clusters up into the way we visualize the “Cosmic Web” depicted in NASA renderings of the early Universe and recently released discoveries of Galactic Super Clusters. 

On Earth there are Magnetic Anomalies known a Ley Lines that Criss Cross the planet along a “Magnet Grid” where beneath the surface run fast moving underground rivers through certain pressurized quartzite layers of stone and minerals. This creates “Node” points below the Surface of the Earth, On the Surface of the Earth and in the Upper Atmosphere of the Earth which can be stabilized and exploited for near instantaneous travel through the “Cosmic Web” to great distances with the right calculations and observations made of local Solar activity and “Space Weather” also know as Solar Wind, Measured Cosmic Rays, Vibratory Anomalies in the local space of the projected portal opening.

With the use of a complex “Coding” system for destinations and Quantum Computation and a Software of Sorts we can use Scalar Energy and Torsion Fields to stabilize and plot a portal destination long enough for bidirectional travel at little risk to those making the journey accept for destinations that have not been traveled prior or are far enough away from the local Star to be affected by Space Weather/Phenomenon at the destination location.

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Most people have a very difficult time with the vast differences of teleportation within your own dimension, traveling through or to other dimensions, traveling to another density via vibratory shifting, and traveling within the multi-verses or realities. Most have a hard time with the differences between all of the above especially with Densities and Dimensions.

Time travel is even an ability, but with time-line problems already and temporal drives being in use they created buffers and placed them on technology to prevent travel back into time-lines prior to some of the time-line corrections/convergences.

Some Stargate/portal end points flail around to points in open space for reasons that are theorized by the egg heads (Effects of Torsion Field Universe or the Vibratory Change of our Sol System after entering a "Tighter Twist/Density" area of the Galaxy's Torsion Field?). 

The fact that these magnetic connections have become unstable has been cause for alarm and the shut down of some big projects and types of travel and material transport recently for what ever be the reason (Change of vibration etc...).

The portals that exist that I was discussing are of types that most are transport mechanisms to other planets, moons (Any body w/dense enough gravitational/electric/magnetic "pull" to have a Local Stellar Magnetic Portal Connection relationship with it) within this star system and others in our dimension and give or take a % /factor of time in our current time-line. Some if boosted with existing ancient or alien technology can be tapped into that transport to other dimensions (Very Unwise!).

Most of the "Other Density Beings" travel here by just thinking it so, adjusting their essence to the destination frequency and there they are. Teleportation has allowed accidental journeys into surrounding realities/multi-verses (Teleportation & Quantum Entanglement are spooky (AKA "Spooky Magic at a Distance")) as they show how on the Quantum level things flash in and out of other universes/realities so quickly it cannot even be measured accurately in oscillations.

QCCD "Quantum Communication Devices"

The communications devices that are now used are "Quantum Correlated Communication Devices" and use "Quantum Entanglement" of something like isotopes inside the communication devices that have been "Entangled" with other devices so no matter where in time/space/reality each communicator is they can speak and video share. They can tell if you are a % out of phase time/space wise by the reception on the home ends calculation devices.

They are supposed to be able to track and calculate exactly when/where you are once a signal re-establishes the natural quantum entanglement (There may now be a difference that is used to do the calculating before they naturally recalibrate) vibration and over quick increments of time shift back into harmony or alignment. 

This is a Secure P2P communication which is encrypted as it is being sent through the QCCD and cannot be hacked or tapped into by other "Beings" or "AI's"

Note: Having a few Questions about the differences between the "Natural Portal's" and "Dimensional Portals or Rifts".

Certain types of technology assisted RV'ers are tasked to keep a "Minds Eye" on a certain "Dimensional Rift" that Entities & Craft "Appear" to be coming through and have been noted around the 36th Parallel North. SSP RV'ers and Patrols are also focused on "Patrol Grids" along this line.

This has been a very active region around the planet (I am sure there are others, maybe not all along a complete parallel of the Planet). I understand the 33rd Parallel North is important... The "Space Fence" was placed along the "33rd"... The "Roswell Incidents" occurred on the "33rd"... And there are quite a number of sightings of "Unknown Craft" along the "33rd" as well...

I was born directly on the "33rd" and seem to have always been drawn to live on or around it for some reason unknown to me. I have never lived more than a few couple of degree's away from it for any extended period of time in my whole life (Accept for College and of course while not "On the Globe" at all).

Some important facilities are located on the "33rd"

Mount Hermon UN Base 33 N. X 33 E. (Said to be "Guarding" a "Major Portal")

However there is a known Dimensional Rift (Or "Daisy Chain" of them) either Permanently Opened or that area has a thinning between parallel realities/dimensions along this "36th Parallel North"... 

36th parallel north
Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
36°0′N 0°0′E Mediterranean Sea 
36°0′N 0°7′E Algeria 
36°0′N 8°18′E Tunisia 
36°0′N 10°31′E Mediterranean Sea Passing just north of the island of Linosa, Italy
Passing between the islands of Comino and Malta, Malta
36°0′N 23°10′E Aegean Sea Passing between the islands of Kythira and Antikythera, Greece
Passing just north of Saria Island, Greece
36°0′N 27°45′E Greece Island of Rhodes
36°0′N 27°55′E Mediterranean Sea 
36°0′N 35°59′E Turkey Hatay Province
36°0′N 36°22′E Syria 
36°0′N 41°17′E Iraq 
36°0′N 45°21′E Iran 
36°0′N 61°10′E Turkmenistan 
36°0′N 63°49′E Afghanistan 
36°0′N 71°15′E Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Gilgit-Baltistan - claimed by India
36°0′N 76°6′E Shaksgam Valley Area administered by People's Republic of China, claimed by India
36°0′N 76°48′E People's Republic of China Xinjiang
Gansu — passing just south of Lanzhou
Henan (for about 15 km)
Shandong — passing just south of Qingdao
36°0′N 120°18′E Yellow Sea 
36°0′N 126°42′E South Korea South Chungcheong Province
North Jeolla Province
North Gyeongsang Province
passing just north of Daegu
North Gyeongsang Province
36°0′N 129°35′E Sea of Japan 
36°0′N 133°1′E Japan Island of Chiburi-shima:
— Shimane Prefecture
36°0′N 133°4′E Sea of Japan 
36°0′N 135°58′E Japan Island of Honshū:
— Fukui Prefecture
— Gifu Prefecture
— Nagano Prefecture
— Gunma Prefecture − for about 4 km
— Saitama Prefecture
— Chiba Prefecture − for about 6 km
— Ibaraki Prefecture
36°0′N 140°40′E Pacific Ocean 
36°0′N 121°30′W United States California
New Mexico
Missouri / Arkansas border (approximate)
North Carolina (Madison County, for about 14 km)
Tennessee (Unicoi County, for about 12 km)
North Carolina
36°0′N 75°39′W Atlantic Ocean 
36°0′N 5°50′W Strait of Gibraltar Passing a few metres south of Punta de Tarifa, Spain - the most southerly point of the European mainland
36°0′N 5°25′W Mediterranean Sea 

I have no direct knowledge if this was something that really was opened by "Aleister Crowley" Types (As I was told/read is what occurred in the 1800's) and is maintained (Or even possibly trying to be repaired) with technologies such as Super Colliders (SSC/CERN, which may serve several purposes) or other dual purpose technologies that we are being lied to about. 

If anyone has information about that please send me a Email about it. 

(I will never claim to know all the answers and anyone who does should be held in suspicion. These Projects are too vast and compartmentalized and there is NO one person sitting in a room with a key to a file cabinet with ALL of the answers! From my experiences seeing the different Secret Earth Government Groups rotate through as Delegates in the "UN Type" Human Like ET Federation Conferences, These "Elites" are STILL trying to put things together and themselves do not have ALL of the answers... Not even close!)

I do have information about actual "Dimensional Portals" (Different types of "Portals" possibly to other "Realities") that were detrimental to the traveller as there is sent a copy of the traveller and their local copy is "destroyed" in the process. There was one room called "The Xerox Room" that was rumoured about but didn't sound like anything I would want to travel through. I do not recall any direct experience or dealing with anyone having direct experience with this technology.

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