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  • Are there large iridescent reptilians with small wings from argatha. If so are they benaviolent or maleviolent.

    I have been deep below the Earth’s surface on several occasions. There are is a vast variety in the types of beings that live in the deep caverns beneath the earth. The ecosystems down there and variety of life forms will be shocking one day when there is a "Full Disclosure Event". I have disclosed that there is not a "Hollow Earth" but a very pours "Honey Comb Earth".

    There are several types of raptors and reptilians that inhabit these regions but are not friendly with each other or the human types that have networks of cities. There are also a number of ET Embassies below the surface and sea of the Earth that various ET’s inhabit.

    All of the report of the Agartha Network that I saw were that they were all humans from Ancient Break Away Civilizations that had moved underground and out into bases in our Sol System and other Star Systems with a Space Program that they call the "Silver Fleet".

    I have never heard of any reptilians referred to as Ancient Break Away Civilizations or apart of the Agartha Network. Some people tend to lump all cities and everything in what they believe is a "Hollow Earth" as "Agartha". This is an oversimplification and is not an accurate way to explain or depict the complexity of what is going on below the surface of the Earth and its Oceans.

    As far as underground Reptilians with wings being benevolent or malevolent, I have only seen reports of reptilians that reside on this planet as being of a malevolent nature by human standards (And to be avoided at all costs). It is harder to make a blanket statement about the Raptors. There are some that work very well with humans and others that will devour a human upon sight.



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    30 May 2015
  • How was racism seeded so deeply in the world? What was the purpose in grand history Ann cultural memories?

    Racism was used to both promote racial purity and separation of genetic lines that were apart of ET experiments as well as a tool by the Elites to divide and conquer us. Many of the Elite groups also believe they come from the blood lines of the Ancient Builder Race and others from the Royal Reptilians. This causes them to look at the rest of humanity in the same way as some of these ET's do, as useless eaters and cattle. Mostly in the current era there is a mixture of the Elite view of all groups they consider beneath them and the tactic of causing us to distrust and hate each other so that we never join together and become a threat to them. We play into their hands on the racism and hate tactic far too easily.


    30 May 2015