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  • Is this legit? Where's the proof?

    One should use their discernment and treat all info (From all sources) as potential disinfo until proof is seen. I agree with that. All I ask is that people keep an open mind and prepare themselves spiritually and mentally for the time coming up
    when they will have more "proof" than they can handle. Full Disclosure is not going to just be a happy event when we finally find out we are not alone in the cosmos. It is going to also involve the release of quite a lot of traumatic information about our true history.

    LAN_FAQS_001: proof
    07 Jun 2015
  • Can you set up a camera in your bedroom to record your disappearing via the Orb? Would be some serious evidence in favour of your testimony.

    Sure, however, it will not convince anyone of anything. I have been told that nothing I present cannot be done in "After Effects" or other software. Seeing pictures/video is not believing. They can be manipulated. You cannot even believe what you see on live TV News anymore. You can only truly trust your own personal experiences when coupled with discernment. The problem right now is not getting proof. It is preparing yourself for when you are under an avalanche of proof that is extremely troubling and disturbing in nature. This is what I am trying to prepare people for as well as providing the BA Message to also have people focus on self evolution of mind and spirit. We will not be able to tolerate the information we receive or the change in the background energy/resonance if we do not prepare ourselves in these ways.

    True discernment is more than bending someone to producing video/photo's that will get more visitors to their site. This is not about "site hits". If at some point the SSP wants to start appearing in front of live tv camera's like they already have live NASA ISS feeds then that is up to them. Even these live NASA ISS feeds have been heavily debated is circular debates in forums.

    LAN_FAQS_001: proof
    08 Jun 2015