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  • Can you explain about shared consciousness and what some call the 'Hive Mind'?
    As far as the continued use of the phrase "Hive Mind" to describe what occurs after 4D also offers credence to how the current 3/4D minds cannot wrap around certain concepts. Insectoid Groups of Beings have "Hive Mind Complexes" as do some other Alien Groups. The Blue Avians stated this was going to be one of the biggest things to overcome... Established and Firmly Ensconced "Belief Systems" and "Reality Bubbles"...

    WE already have a Shared Consciousness... We use it unwittingly to co-create our reality every moment of everyday. It is an extremely powerful thing that we are learning how to connect with more and more as time goes by. We are so undeveloped and segmented (By Ego's and 3D Programming) that we are at the bottom of the "Totem Pole" (So to speak) of our "Higher Selves" connection to that shared consciousness.

    The more we evolve into higher densities the more we will naturally have access to this shared consciousness. Notice I say "WE" as in "Humans" just as "We" is used in other situations but not interpreted as "WE" equalling "All being one hive group". If a certain racial group were to say "WE" or "THEY" in this current environment it would not go over so well.

    We already have access to the Universal Mind and Our Joint Consciousness as a species. Some people are more evolved spiritually already and are further up the spectrum and are already fully 4D. Being so "attached" to ones "Ego" is not going to allow them to expand and grow spiritually and certainly will prevent them from becoming highly "Service to Others".

    The "higher density beings" I have met have "Individual Names" and "Individual Personalities" and "Individual Thoughts"... They have "Access to their Shared Consciousness" on a complete scale compared to where we are. There are no lies or secrets between them nor need there be (It is a state of "Being" that we cannot comprehend yet let alone judge). This is the natural process of how beings progress through the densities as they evolve spiritually... It will happen to everyone eventually but not before you are ready for it.

    Already established belief systems and perceptions (POV's) can be a hinderance as much as they can be an anchor is stormy times. I read someone state an open mind is like a parachute... I agree, though we need to use discernment.

    If this does not "Jive" with your current "Reality Bubble" or "Belief System" then it is something that should be ignored fully by such a person. I do think it is responsible to characterize things improperly and that it is a bit prejudiced to state that a higher density shared consciousness is the same as a "Hive Mind" out of preconceived ideas or ignorance of what "Consciousness" is. The only limitations on "Consciousness" are the ones we impose on it our of our own perceptions and programming from our time (Some say many life times) in this 3D experience.

    Completely IMHO,
    LAN_FAQS_001: consciousness
    02 Apr 2015
  • The Sphere Beings are buffering the Ascension process, have quarantined the Draco and those aligned with them, yet now they say it is all up to us and they can't intervene even though they have intervened already.

    The Sphere Being Alliance is not interfering by holding back the culmination or heaviest point of these galactic waves. (Which David Wilcock refers to as "spontaneous ascension")
    It is our group consciousness that is making the decision. The Sphere Being Alliance (SBA) are humble servants of cosmic law and our collective free will Choices. Again, it is difficult to try to overlap our 3/4D way of thinking onto other beings in our own Density let alone those of others. All that has been done by the SBA has been authorized by cosmic law on behalf of our mass consciousness which is sort of a higher thought-complex of us beings which makes up the social memory complex we share.

    LAN_FAQS_001: consciousness
    07 Mar 2016